Your Happy Life

Your Happy Life

Superkid, as your commander, I’d like to show you how to have a happy life, regardless of your situation. People sometimes forget that happiness doesn’t depend on circumstances. They can be in a tough situation and still be happy. Or things can be going great, yet they are sad.


So, think about this question, Superkid: When things aren’t going your way, how can you stay happy?


Let’s talk about attitude, and the choices that lead to a HAPPY life. This HAPPY-ATTITUDE way of life makes it easy for the JOY of the Lord to flourish and grow. The key to happiness is: DON’T FOCUS ON YOU! That job belongs to Jesus! He is completely focused on you. You can trust Him to be with you in tough times, and to bring you through better off than you started! When you believe that, and choose this way of life, you can take your eyes off yourself and see things in the right order of importance.


None of us see ourselves as selfish, but we can easily miss the signs of self-centeredness. I believe there is a difference between these two self-focused attitudes: Selfish people are LOOKING for ways to put themselves first, while self-centered people are NOT LOOKING for ways to put others first.


Let that sink in so you understand the difference. Read it as many times as you need to before moving on. If you are reading this as a family, talk about the difference between selfish and self-centered before you continue.


{Insert thinking emoji or picture}


I know Jesus has made a difference in your life, and you’re not selfish anymore. (Anyone can be selfish at times and needs to repent, but I’m talking about a selfish LIFESTYLE.)


If, however, we examine ourselves for self-centeredness…OUCH! It’s often there, and it will absolutely drain the HAPPY right out of us! Remember this, Superkid: If everything in your life has to be perfect for you to be HAPPY, YOU NEVER WILL BE HAPPY!


Some might think that life with Jesus means things will never go wrong. That isn’t true. Even discipline when it comes may feel wrong, but it’s not! We will surely have challenges and stress, but we can remain happy or at least be at peace. When you can stay happy in everyday situations, joy will flow out of your spirit in the super-tough times.


Signs of Self-Centeredness

Here are a few signs that you may have some self on your mind. Do you complain a lot? Do you need to be first in line or first to play a game? Do you get upset when things don’t go your way? When your mind is on you, it’s easy to notice when things aren’t perfect. One thing I have learned about perfection is this: IT’S NOT REQUIRED! Your perfection is in Jesus. He makes your imperfection turn out great. When you let Him be in charge, you’ll look back on your life (or week) and think how awesome it was.


Signs of Jesus-Centeredness

This way might seem hard, but it is the easiest. When you focus on Jesus, you naturally put others first. He never thought of Himself first, and since He is living inside you, all you have to do is let Him show! Remember, you can love others because He first loved you, so be patient with others when they are annoying, and forgive them when they are mean. When you live like this, it’s easy to not be self-centered. You can be a blessing to others. You can take last place and enjoy it! Then Jesus will make sure YOU are blessed and get to go first. The best thing about this way of life is that you’ll stop noticing things to complain about, because you are no longer focused on you.


What It Isn’t

One last thing, Superkid. When I say, “focused on you,” I don’t mean to not take care of yourself. We all need to rest, play, recharge in our time with the Lord, and have healthy relationships with other people.


Putting others first does NOT mean you let others be mean to you or walk all over you. You put hurtful people first by praying for and loving them FROM A DISTANCE. The Lord does not require you to allow others to mistreat you. Let Jesus work on their hearts while you stay in peace with them. Remember, Superkid, you can do this BECAUSE you trust Jesus to focus on you. And since you are not focused on yourself, YOU can be free of offense and hurt feelings. He is the One who can help them, because HE is your Savior AND theirs. Aren’t you HAPPY that’s not YOUR job?


Your job is to follow Jesus. Now that’s a HAPPY life! ♥


Kellie Copeland

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