A Fish Story

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In countries around the world, fathers are celebrated and appreciated this time of year. In our time together this month, let’s do that! Being a dad isn’t an easy job, and I am sure being my dad wasn’t easy! He may be a well-known minister of the gospel with a worldwide ministry, but he has also been a great dad to me, even in the difficult times. I am sure you are shocked that I could EVER have been difficult! I didn’t mean to be. You probably don’t mean to be difficult either. Sometimes it just happens!
One such time, my dad woke me up very early in the morning to go fishing. I had been so excited about going, just me and my dad! We drove to the lake, put the boat in the water and were ready to fish by dawn. I didn’t set out to break any rules that morning, but in my excitement, I broke every rule of fishing I could possibly break! The cardinal rule while fishing is, BE QUIET! Oops! I talked my head off! Or I should say I talked my dad’s head off! It was the fish, the bait, the boat, my hungry stomach and any other topic I could think of. But my dad was patient with me and my jabbering. He acted like it was the most fun he had ever had and just continued to help me fish, baiting my hook and smiling patiently. That is until…
I hooked him! Yes, I snagged him good with my fishhook, and more than once! I guess in my excitement, I also forgot rule No. 2, watch where you put your hook. I had so much fun! I remember getting very sleepy and falling asleep in the boat, totally confident in my dad’s protection and care for me. Looking back, I imagine he breathed a big sigh of relief, sat back and finally got to fish!
We have laughed about that trip many times. He probably didn’t plan that trip with his own fishing enjoyment in mind. He planned to be with his little girl (Oh, did I forget to tell you this was a long time ago?), to listen to me, teach me, focus on me, laugh with me, talk to me and love me. He probably even knew that I would make fishing, talking and teaching difficult, and he most likely knew I would hook him at least once! Even knowing all that, my dad invited me to fish with him. What an amazing dad! I don’t even remember if I caught any fish because it was my dad who made this fish story a great one!
Superkids, that is a good picture of our heavenly Father, too. He has planned a great story for you. Sometimes you may think God’s main reason for making us is to be His obedient children, to be reflections of Him, or to do His will. Of course, we want to do all those things! But that is like catching fish in my story. Our life with Him is about the fellowship more than our accomplishments. He loves us! When we mess up, get loud, are difficult to teach, do things wrong or complain about our lives, He is not surprised. When we don’t get the fish (or His plan for us) all the way into the boat because we didn’t do it the way He taught us, He just keeps teaching us, showing us and leading us to do things the right way. How can God be so patient with His kids? Especially when He has billions of them?
He is patient and kind because that is what He signed up for when He created us. When He made Adam and Eve, He knew they would mess up. He already had a plan for making things right. He is just that good…and just that wise.
This Father’s Day, I celebrate my dad, Kenneth Copeland, and all he has done for me, and all the ways he loves me. I hope you will think of ways that your dad has walked with you through fun as well as difficult times. I hope you have a dad or someone like that in your life. But even if you don’t, we all have a heavenly Father who loves us, who sent His precious heavenly Son to go FISHING for YOU! He and Jesus are on this trip with you for all time. Nothing you can do will cause them to give up on you, get mad at you or quit loving you.
As we honor our dads, let’s celebrate and appreciate the Father of us all. Say this with me:
Father, thank You for Your constant love for me. You never get tired of hanging out with me and You are always patient with me. I love being with You. Make me aware of Your daily presence and love in my life. And thank You that I can always know that I am safe in Your care. Happy Father’s Day, Heavenly Father!
I believe you will know even more of His love today! Let’s show that love to our dads today, too. I declare this the Superkid Hug-a-Dad Day!

Commander “Fishy” Kellie ♥