Frequently Asked Questions

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We often receive inquiries from church leaders and parents–and here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Superkid Academy?

Superkid Academy is a cutting-edge children’s curriculum, developed over 15 years with easy-to-use, fun-filled lessons, interactive worship music, dramas, games, object lessons and much more.

What is included in the curriculum?

Each Volume consists of:

*Lesson DVD

*Lesson Book

*Teacher Preparation CD

*CD-Rom with Printable Lessons & Handouts

*Training Pack with DVD & CD-ROM to Equip and Inspire Your Team

How many lessons are in each volume?

Each volume contains 13 weeks of lessons.

Can we see samples of the lessons and videos?

Yes! Samples are located on each curriculum product page. Just click the “Church Curriculum” menu above.

Is the teacher’s lesson book reproducible?

Yes, from the CD-Rom you are welcome to print additional copies of the lessons.

Can you make copies of the DVD’s or CD-Rom’s?

No, due to copyright laws. You may order additional individual components if you have purchased the curriculum.

Does your curriculum include the use of puppets?

The curriculum contains dramas and storybook theatre scripts which easily can use puppets or children in the parts.

What ages is SKA appropriate for?

The Superkid Academy Curriculum is ideal for grades 1-6.

Do you have any curriculum for the preschool ages or teens?

At the current time, we have no preschool or teen curriculum.

Does SKA include object lessons?

Yes, each week contains an object lesson complete with outline and supply list.

Do you have any holiday themed lessons?

Not at the current time.

Are there any worksheets to go with the lessons or workbooks for the kids?

The children do not perform lessons from workbook or worksheets. However, additional support material is available on the website at Download Central with access to dinnertime devotionals, activities, coloring sheets, and craft ideas.

How much time should we allow per lesson?

Material may be covered in a one hour service with a game reprise at end if needed.

Can I start SKA at any time of the year?

Yes, implementation of Superkid Academy Curriculum is for any season allowing you to begin when you are ready.

Can you send me the curriculum to evaluate?

Every curriculum purchase comes with a 60-Day, money-back guarantee which allows you ample time to review, implement and determine if SKA is a good fit for you.

Do you have curriculum available to be used in my home school?

Yes. The Home Bible Study Program is ideal for home schooling, family devotions or small groups.