Lions, ROAR!

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Hey, Superkid! Have you ever wondered how the Lord sees you? But first, what do YOU see? Let’s talk in animal terms. Are you small like a mouse, mild like a kitty, faithful like a dolphin, fast like a horse or friendly like a dog? Maybe at home you feel like a dog, easygoing and friendly, but at school you feel as tiny as a mouse. School can be a challenging place to be our true selves!


How we see ourselves is important. If we see ourselves as small, we will think others are bigger than they really are. When I was in middle school, I began to hide my personality, humor and my heart for Jesus because I didn’t want to be laughed at! Even though I grew up, I realized years later that I sometimes still felt small on the inside. Jesus doesn’t want that for us!


I believe He wants you to know how He sees you, so you don’t have to hide or feel small anymore. Jesus sees you as BIG and BOLD as He is. He is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in the Bible. So, if He is a lion, then we are lions, even if we don’t feel like it! Let’s look at some lion characteristics.


First, lions are strong and can stand alone when necessary, but they live and thrive in a group called a pride. Guess what another similar word is. Tribe! My favorite meaning of tribe is:


“a group of people with strong common traits, values or interests.” So, if Jesus is a lion—bold, courageous, strong, confident, protective and family-minded—since I belong to His tribe, I have those same qualities! Say this with me: “I am bold and confident to stand alone when I need to, to stand up for Jesus and live by His traits and values inside me. Those traits draw me closer to Him and to others in my tribe, my Jesus family. I thrive in the family of God!”


Courage is a lion trait that Jesus walks in. Courage to face death, sin and sickness, courage to go to the Cross. I think the worst thing for Jesus in going to the cross was to be apart from the Father. I can’t imagine being apart from the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! But how much worse for Jesus who went into the pit of hell for me and you, just because the Father asked Him to save us. Talk about being the Lion of the TRIBE! His courage made it possible for us to be part of that tribe!


Jesus was also BOLD. Bold to do what the Father asked Him to do, even when He didn’t want to. Jesus never did anything except what the Father showed Him, nor spoke a word that didn’t come from Him, and no amount of pressure from the devil or even His friends could change His course. When Jesus told His disciples that He was going to give His life, Peter rebuked Him and refused to believe it. Jesus’ words upset Peter because he didn’t want Jesus to go away. Even though Jesus didn’t want to die either, He boldly said, “Get behind me, Satan.” Jesus wasn’t talking to Peter, but to the temptation from the enemy coming from Peter’s mouth. Sometimes being bold means we must stand UP and stand out. To make my words stand out, I make them BOLD, like Jesus makes you BOLD.


All these traits are truly who Jesus is. He doesn’t ACT bold, courageous, strong and protective; He IS bold, courageous, strong and protective! So we don’t need to try to become these things, we ARE these things as surely as Jesus is. Why do we struggle to be who we really are? Because Satan tries to convince us (he is such a liar) that HE is the lion.


First Peter 5:6-11 shows us who the real protector of this tribe is. Verses 6-7 tell us to be humble, submitted to God’s power over us; and He will lift us up. When we give Him our troubles, He will take care of them for us. He is our true Lion King, and we can trust Him! Verses 8-9 are a strong warning against the devil, the phony lion king. Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around LIKE a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your family of believers all over the world is going through the same kind of suffering you are” (New Living Translation).


When the devil tries to steal your lion-hearted courage and boldness, remember that you’re not alone. Your tribe all over the world is standing against the devil, standing IN Jesus and His roar! Satan is all talk; YOU are the lion. Jesus is your LION KING! The devil can only try to roar loud enough to talk you out of who you are. He tried it with Jesus through Peter, but Jesus said, “Get out of my sight, Satan.” Remember that Jesus is your strength and boldness, and this is who you are. Make a stand for truth and don’t be afraid. Then watch what happens in verse 10! In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation.”


Superkid, it’s time for God’s people to ROAR! Let me hear you ROAR for JESUS. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7, King James Version).



Commander Kellie ♥


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