This Is ME!

This Is ME!

Happy 2019, Superkids! I hope you are ready for an extraordinary year! Extraordinary like Jesus and EXTRA-ORDINARY LIKE YOU! After our year of digging deeper into Jesus, living an ordinary life is out of the question!


Remember, Superkids, you are filled with the very EXTRA that Jesus Himself brings. Last year, that extra press to get to know Jesus better, changed my awareness of Him as my focus, my everything, my best friend.


When you make it your heart’s cry to give yourself completely to Him, it takes you to a whole new place. This is the commitment we all made to Him last month, here in Commander Kellie’s Corner.


“This is my gift to You, Jesus. I give You ME! My life, my thoughts, 24/7, every beat of my heart, my skill, my talent, my good and my bad, my strengths and my weaknesses, I give to You now. My gift will be just as daily as Yours is, Jesus. If I begin to hold anything back from You, please show me and I will give it back.”


Satan would love it if we would just make one-time, verbal commitments to Jesus and be done with it. Ask Jesus into my heart—check; made a commitment last year—check; last month—check. If the devil can talk us into this, he doesn’t have to worry too much about us destroying his works. But Jesus gave us authority and power over every work of the devil! So he is VERY afraid of a Superkid who knows Jesus, and whose life belongs to Him EVERY DAY!


This Superkid life of DAILY focus on Jesus is the true gift we gave to Him. This year, to really do this and not just talk about it, we are going to pursue this gift-giving as much as we pursued HIM last year. We are going to give ourselves to Him, not only daily but piece by piece. So, I’m breaking it up for our series this year:


JAN     I give You ME

FEB     My life

MAR   My thoughts

APR    24/7

MAY   Every beat of my heart

JUN     My skill

JUL     My talent

AUG    My good and my bad

SEP     My strengths and my weaknesses

OCT    I give to You now

NOV    Daily

DEC    Anything held back


So here we are at the start of a fresh, new year, like beginning a drawing on a blank piece of paper. Like knowing what you want to draw, you know you want to give yourself fully to Jesus. What is the first line your hand should draw? Where do you start when presenting yourself to Him?


When I look at the prayer that we prayed, I see this orderly method of presenting everything that makes me, ME or makes you, YOU.


I give You ME. There is really no unusual meaning to the word ME, but it contains so much! ME is the 50th most commonly used word in the English language. And it means “me.” Just me. Not you. I can’t give YOU as a gift to Jesus. I can only give me to Jesus. This is simple but the basic truth. You have to give Him what is YOU.


Jesus never asked anyone in the Bible to give Him more than they had in their hands or to bring themselves to Him as more than they were. Peter wasn’t asked to change from being a fisherman, but after coming to Jesus he became a fisher of men [people]. Matthew wasn’t asked to change from a tax collector to follow Jesus, but he became a collector of stories about Jesus and he wrote the book of Matthew!


It’s only when we give Him our simplest selves, that He can make us His own. He can put His own stamp of likeness on me, when I give Him the real Kellie. He knows me inside and out, so there is no pretending with Jesus.


He loves us just the way we are. When we give ourselves to Him, He fills us with Himself and who we are becomes even greater. Why try so hard to be greater on our own? Imagine how difficult it would be to be perfect every day, or to make ourselves into what we think He wants, so He will love us or use us. 🤣 🤣 🤣


Can you hear Jesus laughing? He doesn’t need our perfection. We need HIS! And this is His plan: You give Him you, I give Him me—as we are. He’s got all the right stuff to put in us. This is when HE can be the special ingredient that makes us “EXTRA” ordinary and puts the “SUPER” in our Superkid day.


So, let’s say this every morning, Superkids:


“Jesus, I give You the real-deal ME. I won’t pretend to be perfect or hide who I really am from You. I won’t focus on what anyone else does, but I will keep my eyes on You and I will let You live big inside of me. Me and You, Jesus, let’s do this day!”


Now THAT’S extraordinary! ♥


Commander Kellie

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