The Question Question

The Question Question

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Superkid, this is very big in my heart to share with you, so I’ll just throw it out there as a question. Are you afraid to ask questions? Sometimes adults laugh at kids’ questions—admit it, you can be pretty funny! But it’s not funny if you become ashamed to ask.
Do you remember us talking about the enemy last month? He comes to try to confuse God’s people with his questions. He would like you and me to feel shame for asking questions, especially if he can create in our hearts the idea that we shouldn’t ask questions of Jesus or our parents. He can be sneaky, but his tricks won’t work when we know what they are!
Jesus wants you to ask questions. How can you learn if you don’t? Your parents and leaders also want you to ask questions. Do you worry that if you ask a question, you’ll look stupid? That is the enemy talking. And all he does is lie, so don’t believe it! The truth is, WISE people, SMART people ask TONS of questions. It’s how you learn!
Satan would like it if we were too embarrassed and ashamed to learn the truth from JESUS and people like Him, who:

  1. KNOW the truth,
  2. LOVE you enough to tell you the truth, and
  3. VALUE your curiosity and desire to learn.

We’ve read before that when Jesus was 12, He liked to go to the synagogue and ask the Jewish leaders questions, and He loved to listen to them. That is how He grew in knowledge and understanding. He didn’t grow up perfectly just because He was the Son of God.
Have you ever noticed that He continued to ask questions? He asked questions of Peter, the other disciples, people He met, the woman at the well and many more, including people who were against Him. One of my favorite things about Jesus is that He would go to His Father with questions, especially when things were hard. And, He never turned His disciples away when THEY had questions, and He will never turn you away.
Jesus is our Savior. He puts people in our lives to help us. We’ve talked in “Commander Kellie’s Corner” about parents, teachers and pastors whom you can trust. Let’s do an activity together this month! Moms, dads, are you in with us?
At Superkid Academy we like Dinnertime Devotions! Let’s do one now! Sit down together—no TV, phones or distractions. Look around. Can you trust the people gathered around you? You may be with family and friends from church or school. Everyone agree together that there is no wrong question to ask! One brave person can begin. Ask a question. It can be funny, serious, silly, about the Bible, life, school or whatever is on your mind.
Instead of asking one person, ask the whole group. Depending on how much time you have, it would be awesome to hear several people answer your question. Go around the group with each person asking a question. This can become a wonderful “game” that can build your confidence and courage to ask questions!
And you don’t have to wait until DINNER! It’s a good car game too, and one that can be a game (or life) changer!
So I’ll start with a question for you:

Do you have a question, Superkid? Ask away!
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