Vol. 4 – The Heart of a Superkid

For Grades 1-6

Superkid Academy—Builds Character!

God loves you and His plan for your life that is extravagantly good! Jesus defeated Satan and gave you the right to choose THE BLESSING. When you honor God, give Him charge of your life, serve others and obey authority, He makes things work out for you and blesses everything you do!
  • Weeks 1-3 Series: Salvation
  • Weeks 4-7 Series: Honor and Obey
  • Weeks 8-10 Series: Be a Servant
  • Weeks 11-13 Series: God Says You Are

What’s Included?

  • Lesson Book— Includes 13 weeks of lessons that will show you that God made everything good and planned The Sweet Life just for you! When you choose to make Him your Lord, honor and obey authority and serve others in God’s love, you will be BLESSED! Weekly lessons include an outline and overview, class flow and time allotment, as well as welcome and prayer focus, memory verse, supplementary lessons (complete games, dramas, crafts and real-world examples of biblical concepts) and more.
  • Lesson DVD—Enjoy video transmissions from Superkid Academy headquarters! Each week you will hear from Commander Kellie as she introduces the lesson, energizes your group and focuses your time together. The DVD also includes upbeat, interactive praise and worship music that your kids will be singing long after church is over.
  • Teacher Preparation CD—Your teachers will always be prepared! This CD includes a review for each lesson so that your staff will quickly understand the heart of each lesson and how to minister it to your Superkids.
  • CD-ROM—The content of this disk corresponds to each lesson and includes all the weekly resources you’ll need, right at your fingertips. Includes handouts, devotions, certificates and more.

Scope and Sequence

  • Week 1     Everything God Created is Good – Children will learn that because God wanted The Sweet Life for His kids, He made everything good!
  • Week 2     Satan Lied and Stole THE BLESSING – Children will learn that a traitor named Satan told the biggest lie ever so he could steal THE BLESSING from Adam and Eve. He is still lying about God today.
  • Week 3     Jesus Came to Give Back THE BLESSING – Children will learn that even when Adam and Eve did what they wanted and Satan became the god of mankind, God paid the ultimate price and sent Jesus to rescue us from the curse.
  • Week 4     How to have The Sweet Life – Children will learn to honor God by living life as He directs.
  • Week 5     The Rewards of Obedience – Children will learn to enjoy The Sweet Life when they honor and obey authority.
  • Week 6     Authority is a Gift From God – Children will learn to honor and respect all authority and to pray for our leaders.
  • Week 7     The Holy Spirit is Our Helper – Children will learn that the Holy Spirit is a precious gift from Jesus sent to help us.
  • Week 8     The Greatness of A Servant – To be a great Superkid in God’s eyes, don’t try to get others to serve you, but instead, see how many people you can serve.
  • Week 9     Love Your Neighbor – Children will learn what it means to love our neighbors.
  • Week 10     Jesus the Ultimate Servant – Children will learn that serving others is being like Jesus.
  • Week 11     God Chose You! – Children will learn that they were chosen by God to be part of His family and He loved them before He made the world.
  • Week 12     Jesus Paid the Price – Children will learn that righteousness cannot be earned. It is gift from God paid for by the blood of Jesus, so we could stand before God without guilt or shame.
  • Week 13     God is Our Source – Children will learn that THE BLESSING is God’s ultimate provision for us.
Bonus Resources
  • 26 unique learning activities
  • 8 family take-home guides
  • 7 color sheets
  • Superkid Academy classic comic

60-Day Guarantee

Of course, we believe in Superkid Academy curriculum so much, we back it with a 60-day, money back guarantee…so there’s no risk to you! Try it out in your children’s church today. We believe you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!