Vol. 3 – The Sweet Life

For Grades 1-6

The Sweet Life Treasure Hunt!

The Sweet Life is a valuable treasure for you that’s hidden in God. The devil is a thieving pirate who wants to steal your treasure and destroy your future. Defeat him with God’s Word and find the treasure—God’s plan for an exciting future of health, wealth and adventure!

  • Weeks 1-4 Series: God’s Plan Is Treasure
  • Weeks 5-10 Series: All of Me, All for You
  • Weeks 10-13 Series: Faith, Hope and Love

What’s Included?

  • Lesson Book—Includes 13 weeks of lessons that will help you understand that God has an amazing life already planned out for you. When you obey his instructions and directions, you will walk in The Sweet Life—THE BLESSING! Weekly lessons include an outline and overview, class flow and time allotment, as well as welcome and prayer focus, memory verse, supplementary lessons (complete games, dramas, crafts and real-world examples of biblical concepts) and more.
  • Lesson DVD—Enjoy video transmissions from Superkid Academy headquarters! Each week you will hear from Commander Kellie as she introduces the lesson, energizes your group and focuses your time together. The DVD also includes upbeat, interactive praise and worship music that your kids will be singing long after church is over.
  • Teacher Preparation CD—Your teachers will always be prepared! This CD includes a review for each lesson so that your staff will quickly understand the heart of each lesson and how to minister it to your Superkids.
  • CD-ROM—The content of this disk corresponds to each lesson and includes all the weekly resources you’ll need, right at your fingertips. Includes handouts, devotions, certificates and more.

Scope and Sequence

  • Week 1     God’s Plan—An Exciting Adventure – Children will learn that God has an amazing life planned out for them full of health, wealth and adventure.
  • Week 2     The True Treasure – Children will learn that God’s Word is their treasure map and that studying it closely will help them know which paths to take to find the treasure.
  • Week 3     Following The Right Map – Children will learn that when they choose God’s way, by putting His Word first place in their hearts and obeying it, He will make a path for them and lead them to their treasure.
  • Week 4     The Sweet Life, God’s Treasure for You – Children will learn that that the kingdom of heaven is The Sweet Life.
  • Week 5     Your Heart is the Real You – Children will learn that God looks at our hearts. Giving our hearts to Jesus is the only way to really love Him.
  • Week 6     Right Thoughts= Right Actions – Children will learn that right thoughts and words make right actions. When we fill our minds with the Word of God, we are choosing right thoughts filled with life.
  • Week 7     God Lives In You – Children will learn that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • Week 8     Look to the Future Not to the Past – Children will learn that our memory was created by God to hold good things.
  • Week 9     Stay Ready – Children will learn to be ready right now to serve God.
  • Week 10     Winning God’s Race – Children will learn that God has a great future for His children.
  • Week 11     Target Your Faith – Children will learn that faith is a gift from God that can make their hopes and dreams come true.
  • Week 12     Filled With Hope – Children will learn that God created each of us with hope inside. When our hope lines up with the Word of God, faith, hope and our words work together to bring it to pass.
  • Week 13     Love: the Way to Live – Children will learn that every person on earth needs love, and the only source of real love is Jesus.

Bonus Resources

  • 26 unique learning activities
  • 8 family take-home guides
  • 7 color sheets
  • Superkid Academy classic comic

60-Day Guarantee

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