Vol. 2 – The Fruit of the Spirit In You

For Grades 1-6

Taste and See God’s Goodness!

God is good! And when you taste and see how good He is, you will want to know more. Trusting in His goodness brings “THE BLESSING.” Discover the fruit of the spirit born in you and become the Superhero Champion God made you to be! Weeks 1-13: The Fruit of the Spirit

What’s Included?

  • Lesson Book— 13 weeks of lessons that will help you see the goodness of your heavenly Father and His love for you. Learn the power of each fruit of the Spirit born in you, and how to walk in each of them for total victory! Weekly lessons include an outline and overview, class flow and time allotment, as well as welcome and prayer focus, memory verse, supplementary lessons (complete games, dramas, crafts and real world examples of biblical concepts) and more.
  • Lesson DVD— Enjoy video transmissions from Superkid Academy headquarters! Each week you will hear from Commander Kellie as she introduces the lesson, energizes your group and focuses your time together. The DVD also includes upbeat, interactive praise and worship music that your kids will be singing long after church is over.
  • Teacher Preparation CD—Your teachers will always be prepared! This CD includes a review for each lesson so that your staff will quickly understand the heart of each lesson and how to minister it to your Superkids.
  • CD-ROM—The content of this disk corresponds to each lesson and includes all the weekly resources you’ll need, right at your fingertips. Includes handouts, devotions, certificates and more.

Scope and Sequence

  • Week 1      God is good!  – Children will learn that God is good. When we taste of His goodness and fill up with His Word, we will walk in THE BLESSING and enjoy The Sweet Life with Him.
  • Week 2     God’s nature is love – Children will learn that the same love God loves Jesus with is in us, and we can give that love to others.
  • Week 3      God’s love never fails – Children will learn that love never fails, and that following Jesus’ commandment to love will produce everlasting fruit.
  • Week 4      Joy is a powerful force – Children will learn that joy is a fruit of the spirit that makes the way for the overcoming force of faith to rise up.
  • Week 5      Peace and Order – Children will learn that sometimes tough circumstances feel like big storms, but when we have God’s peace, we have everything we need to make it through.
  • Week 6      Patience and Perseverance – Children will learn that patience shows our trust in God, that we are letting Him work out our lives.
  • Week 7      Kindness, Always Thinking of Others – Children will learn kindness goes out of its way to be what others need.
  • Week 8      Goodness in All Things – Choosing to be a giver is proof that we are God’s children because He is the greatest giver of all time. He enables us to be generous with the fruit of goodness.
  • Week 9      Faithfulness Makes You a Hero – Children will learn that God’s own nature dwells in us to make us heroes of faith, just like those listed in Hebrews 11.
  • Week 10      Meekness Doesn’t Equal Weakness – Children will learn that when we allow the force of meekness and gentleness to operate in our lives, it enables us to choose God’s way instead of our own.
  • Week 11      Self-Control is God-Control – Children will learn that the fruit of self-control helps us not to be ruled by our feelings and emotions, and gives us power over our flesh.
  • Week 12      See Your Fruit Come Alive – Children will learn their spirit contains ALL of God, not just a little part of Him.
  • Week 13      Jesus is Our Supplier – Children will learn that Jesus paid the ultimate price so we could be free from sin and our bodies made whole.
Bonus Resources
  • 26 unique learning activities
  • 8 family take-home guides
  • 7 color sheets
  • Superkid Academy classic comic

60-Day Guarantee

Of course, we believe in Superkid Academy curriculum so much, we back it with a 60-day, money back guarantee…so there’s no risk to you! Try it out in your children’s church today. We believe you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!