My Secret Sauce

My Secret Sauce

Hey, Superkid! I know, you are already so focused on Jesus that giving yourself to Him has become your daily, even hourly way of living. Giving yourself to Him this year pleases Him so much! It is His great desire to live in complete union and connection with you. This month, let’s go further into our prayer of dedication we prayed a few months ago: This is my gift to You, Jesus. I give You ME! My life, my thoughts, 24-7, every beat of my heart….
Every beat of my heart. The beat of your heart is your source of life. When the heart stops beating, life stops. Our need for Jesus is even more serious and critical to our lives. Jesus not only gave us life when we were born, He changed our lives when we were born again. Superkid, He IS our life!
Jesus knew that to live, He had to stay connected with His Father, because He KNEW where His life came from. So, He said it out loud and He said it often! John 5:30, Amplified Bible, Classic Edition says, “I am able to do nothing from Myself [independently, of My own accord—but only as I am taught by God and as I get His orders]. Even as I hear, I judge [I decide as I am bidden to decide. As the voice comes to Me, so I give a decision], and My judgment is right (just, righteous), because I do not seek or consult My own will [I have no desire to do what is pleasing to Myself, My own aim, My own purpose] but only the will and pleasure of the Father Who sent Me.”
Jesus is the Son of God. He created the universe, but not by Himself. He didn’t even TRY to do anything by Himself. He wasn’t kidding! He made a decision: I don’t make My own decisions. I don’t make My own way, please Myself, or make up My own ideas about what I like and don’t like. It only matters what the Father thinks about Me or wants for Me.
That is serious dedication and living for only one purpose—to please His Father!
If Jesus, the Son of God, must be that focused on His Father to live, then you and I must be that focused on Jesus to live! If Jesus can’t live one moment out of the Father’s presence, then you and I can’t either. Why would we want to? Jesus paid the BIGGEST price for us to ALWAYS be with Him, to be able to draw our life from Him, and to stay firmly joined with Him. Stop and think about how huge that is, Superkid! Jesus Himself has filled us up with ALL of Himself!
I want you to see this truth in the Word of God and then receive His Word by saying it out loud (like Jesus did in John 5:30). In Colossians 1 and 2 (The Passion Translation), the Bible expresses who the Father is in Jesus and who Jesus is in us. I’ve only used some of the verses, but I challenge you and your family to read both chapters, then discuss what it means to be filled-up Superkids!
Say the words in BOLD out loud, Superkid:


15 “He is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God, and the first-born heir of all creation.”

Jesus looks and acts just like our Father!


18-19 “He is the Head of his body, which is the church. And since he is the beginning and the firstborn heir in resurrection, he is the most exalted One, holding first place in everything. For God is satisfied to have all his fullness dwelling in Christ.”

All the fullness of God the Father lives in Jesus! This is huge to me!


26-27 “There is a divine mystery—A SECRET SURPRISE that has been concealed from the world for generations, but now it’s being revealed, unfolded and manifested for every holy believer to experience. Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory!…”

This is my SECRET SAUCE! This is what makes me special and makes me ALIVE!


27 “…This mystery of Christ, embedded within us, becomes A HEAVENLY TREASURE CHEST of hope filled with the riches of glory for his people, and God wants everyone to know it!”

I contain THE Treasure of heaven—Jesus, and God wants everyone to know it!


28 “Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth.”

I awaken my HEART to the real Jesus inside me!


3 “For our spiritual wealth is in him, like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered—heaven’s wisdom and endless riches of revelation knowledge.”



6 “In the same way you received Jesus our Lord and Messiah by faith, continue your journey of faith, progressing further into your union with him!”

By faith, I am connected to Jesus more today than yesterday.


7 “Your spiritual roots go deeply into his life as you are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way.”



8 “Beware that no one distracts you or intimidates you in their attempt to lead you away from Christ’s fullness by pretending to be full of wisdom when they’re filled with endless arguments of human logic.”

No lie of the enemy can steal my attention from my Jesus. I am forever connected to Him!


19 “They refuse to take hold of the true source. But we receive directly from him, and his life supplies vitality into every part of his body through the joining ligaments connecting us all as one. He is the divine Head who guides his body and causes it to grow by the supernatural power of God.”

My life comes only from Jesus. I look to Him every second, and I do not look to any other source for my life, my information, my wisdom or my strength.


Jesus, I give You EVERY BEAT of my heart, because You ARE every beat of my heart! You guide and make me into all You created me to be.
Oh WOW. Just WOW! I’m ALIVE and AWAKE. Ready for anything, Jesus!
Commander Kellie

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