That’s a phrase I’ve heard all my life. No one ever gave me a penny and I never really stopped to think about whether they were worth more than that! Maybe you never thought much about it either, but let’s think about it now!


Our gift to Jesus this month is Our Thoughts but before we give them to Jesus today, let’s look at some different kinds of thoughts and talk about their value. This is not a scientific study! It is just a simple look at how it works.


The thoughts you have and allow to remain, are what make you into who you are. Think about it; a thought becomes an action, an action becomes a habit, and a habit becomes who you are.


One penny won’t buy much, but if you had enough pennies, you could buy anything. In the same way, the right thoughts added together can become an amazing life. People don’t always put much value on them but the Word tells us how important our thoughts are.


During the course of a day, we have thousands of thoughts! We think about important and unimportant things. The less we are focused on something, the easier it is to let our thoughts wander. When you are in school, does your mind ever drift off and miss what you are supposed to be learning? I used to do that in school and sometimes I still do! We all have RANDOM THOUGHTS that aren’t worth a penny! Next, there are FOCUSED THOUGHTS which are purposeful and meaningful. Like right now, I am resisting the distraction of random thoughts to stay focused on writing this letter to you. By doing that, I am getting it done! YAY! Focused thought helps you to succeed, learn, grow and communicate. These thoughts are worth a lot to you, way more than a penny!


The last category I want to mention is NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.


Any thought that says something different than what God says about you is a negative thought. These not only have no value, they will cost you! Satan uses negative thoughts to steal from you. He wants to create wrong ideas that lead you away from God’s plan for your life. In 2 Corinthians 10:4, the Bible calls these ideas strongholds, like a fortress keeping us from God’s best. The New Life Version calls these ways of thinking STRONG-PLACES. “We do not use those things to fight with that the world uses. We use the things God gives to fight with and they have power. Those things God gives to fight with destroy the strong-places of the devil.”


Once people have allowed the lies of the enemy to build strong-places in their hearts, it affects their actions and that can lead their lives away from God. The good news is that Jesus has given us the ability and the freedom to choose what and how we think. He has even given us His Word, His thoughts to fight with! Verse 5 says: “We break down every thought and proud thing that puts itself up against the wisdom of God. We take hold of every thought and make it obey Christ.”


We can take every negative thought captive and give it to Jesus! We can be the boss of our own thoughts.


Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us to leave our way of thinking. ‘“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and My ways are not your ways,’ says the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.’”


Look at that! If we give our thoughts to Jesus, He gives us His thoughts to think with! Verse 11 tells us about His Word (His thoughts), So My Word which goes from My mouth will not return to Me empty. It will do what I want it to do, and will carry out My plan well.”


Superkid, His plan for you is so GOOD! Isn’t that just like Him? We try to give Him something and He turns around and gives us something so much better.


First Corinthians 2:16 says it very clearly: “For who has the thoughts of the Lord? Who can tell Him what to do? But we have the thoughts of Christ.”


This is where we put our focused thoughts, Superkid. Give your thoughts to Jesus by focusing on what He says. Not only when you pray, read the Bible or are in church—no matter where you are or what you are doing—allow His way of thinking to build STRONG-PLACES in your heart. Whatever runs through your mind at any time, give it to Him.


So then, what do we do with the NEGATIVE THOUGHTS? Ask Him to help you notice when you are allowing lies to have a home in your heart, then take them prisoner and turn them over to Jesus.


What about the RANDOM THOUGHTS? We will always have thoughts that seem unimportant, but give that space to Jesus to be in charge of. He can let you know when they drift too much or too long. Many times, I have let my mind wander and Jesus had to get my attention back on what He was saying to me. He doesn’t mind helping us in this way, He’s our Savior! He can save and perfect whatever we give to Him!


Lastly we give Him our FOCUSED THOUGHTS, our purposeful attention. He can lead our thoughts, give us new ones, correct or expand them, all because they BELONG to Him.


Pray this with me.


“Lord Jesus, I give You my thoughts today, my random, focused and negative thoughts. Please help me to understand what it means to dedicate them to You. Thank You for giving me Your thoughts to think. I will not allow any lie to live in my heart. Thank You for taking my gift today!”


Superkid, no amount of money can buy what you have given to Jesus. Your thoughts have value that you can never put a price on. Your thoughts = your life. Let’s see…your thoughts in exchange for His thoughts, your life in exchange for His. Now that’s a bargain!


Thinking of you,


Commander Kellie ♥


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